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How have we made the sense of mission part of our corporate culture?

August 5th, 2022 by

At Genvia, we are all driven by the strength of the collective. A collective that is structured around a single mission: to grow together as well as individually. The two are in fact inseparable and yet the balance is fragile. At all levels of the company, we see that mutual support, consideration for others, cohesion, empathy and the sense of mission are natural. Moreover, they are enriched every day by this virtuous circle which is often raised in theories.

THIS is the real performance: creating this virtuous circle in our team. 1 year after the creation of #Genvia, the achievement is technical, but human above all. We often talk about inspiring management, disruptive management, listening management, … In fact, not only is our CEO Florence Lambert-Hognon an inspiring management model but all employees have a leadership role in their own way, feeding this virtuous circle, the same one that naturally excludes from the project all those who would work for their individual interest before the collective one.

Today at Genvia, we are recruiting women and men who want to be part of a team, people who want to achieve collective success, to accelerate a mission that has a global impact on #earth and people, and yet has an impact on our individual well-being. If you share this spirit, join us!