title-arrow Solid Oxide Technology

Targeting Highest Efficiency

Underpinned by competitive durability and low manufacturing cost.


Core technology cell operates in both electrolyser and fuel cell modes.

Fuel Versatility

Solid Oxide fuel cells are able to run on hydrogen, methane, ammonia or methanol.

Decarbonization on an industrial scale


title-arrow Putting waste heat to work.
Enabling oxy-combustion and efficient carbon capture.


title-arrow Making low-carbon steel a reality.
Leveraging hydrogen as clean feedstock and fuel.


title-arrow Clean hydrogen for agriculture and polymers.
Ammonia production for sustainable food security.
Feedstocks to provide consumers with low-carbon products for daily needs.

Big Solar

title-arrow Making renewable power available on demand where needed.
Energy storage to enable truly independent mini grids.

Big Wind

title-arrow Making renewable power available on demand where needed.
Re-purposing offshore infrastructure for a low-carbon future.

Big Grid

title-arrow Realising the promise of grid scale energy storage in a clean molecule.

Partners with purpose

As a dynamic joint venture between established engineering, construction and research organisations, Genvia is at the forefront of large-scale energy innovation. Drawing on the combined track records of our partner organisations, Genvia combines hundreds of years of history with stability for the future.

Conducting high-level research and transferring successful new technologies to industry, for the benefit of the energy transition.

Collaborating to create and develop technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all.

Bringing passion and innovation to the construction of buildings and infrastructures that meet the social and environmental challenges facing society worldwide.

Solution generator for the energy and climate transition for the Occitanie territories.

Actively reducing the footprint of the construction materials' value-chain with an innovative low-carbon roadmap.

title-arrow KEY PEOPLE
Florence Lambert Florence Lambert President and Chief Executive Officer
Capella Festa Capella Festa Chief Operating Officer
Gilles lafrate Gilles lafrate Chief Technical Officer
Yoann Barbesol Yoann Barbesol Chief Financial Officer